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One of the best customer service around. Very quick and responsive to emails and willing to assist with any Q&A. Very glad to have found this company.

Bobby Sengchan

I bought the Clean Carburetor product for my Honda snowblower 520, which has always been challenging to keep running. I have replace the Carburetor a few times and this worked like a charm to get it working again. A very good investment to keep an older machine running before spending a lot of money on repairs.

Mark Edward Miller


absolutely one of the best products i have ever used. - 1st start pull and now perfectly running on my 26 year honda hrm215 lawn mower. - 1st start pull and perfectly running honda hs621 snow blower. both of these are ORIGINAL carburetors - 16 years non running generac 3500xl generator, now starts and runs really well. (bought used 22 years ago) amazing…!!!

James Damenti

Sales n/a

There is a great video on youtube showing how to use this product. I was having the same exact problem as indicated in the video and recommend this product. Drained all the gas at the end of the prior season, but it wouldn't start. I believe it is the ethanol in gas that leaves residue even after draining the gas. I bought the kit with the GumBuster and PurgeGas. I did exactly what was done in the video and it worked! Important tip when you remove the screw, hold the bowl down so it doesn't move before installing the purge valve. The bowl shifted when I removed the screw and I found out later after gas kept leaking out, that I accidentally dislodged the gasket ring. If the bowl does move, remove it and seat the gasket ring in the groove before attaching the bowl with the purge valve. I had to flip my snowblower upside down so gravity would keep the ring in place while I reinstalled the bowl. If you are wondering if you really need to drain the gas before using GumBuster, yes you do. Frank was very responsive and answered all my questions. So glad I will be able to service my own snow blower every year without taking it in.

Sanjay Shah


Great customer service. The GumBuster works and after using it my mower started right up.  The video was easy to follow along.  Thank you!

Ryan Brown