Frequently Asked Question

Will gas related issues be covered under small engine manufacturer’s warranty?
Most of the small engine manufacturer's offer a Limited Warranty that will covers defects in material or factory workmanship and will not cover fuel system damage or engine performance problems resulting from deteriorated fuel.
Will CleanCarburetor method restore my gummed carburetor to its original state?
Use CleanCarburetor method to keep your carburetor clean, but remember the Cleancarburetor method is meant to prevent the carburetors from getting gummed up; it won't restore already gummed up carburetor to its former health. You can use the CleanCarburetor method on an old gummed carburetor but first thoroughly clean the carburetor and then install the CleanCarburetor purge valve. Ultrasonic cleaning is actually the fool proof cleaning method. Better option is to install a brand new carburetor with already installed CleanCarburetor purge valve. This way you take away all the unknowns about the old carburetor.
What is the shelve life of gasoline?
Keep in mind that gasoline starts deteriorating after 30 days. The stabilizers will prolong the shelve life of the gasoline up to 6 months. Many carburetor rebuilders have reported seeing “white” deposits inside the carburetors, and detailed laboratory analysis confirmed that these deposits are result of corrosion from the ethanol blended fuels. Additives designed to help prevent ethanol phase separation generally contain alcohol which can cause serious corrosion.
How to keep fuel fresh?
First, store it only in clean containers with tight caps. Whether the containers are metal or plastic doesn't matter much, although steel can eventually rust. Keep the container nearly full to reduce exposure to air, but not completely full, so the gasoline can expand or contract as the temperature changes. Ty to minimize those temperature swings — store gasoline in a cool place to reduce evaporation and oxidation.
What is the best way to completely remove ethanol?
The only effective way to deal with the adverse effects of ethanol is to use the engineered CleanCarburetor method of removing entirely the gasoline and ethanol from the fuel system.